IVRPA Las Vegas 2014 360° VR Photography Conference

IVRPA, the International VR Photography Association is proud to announce that on May 25-31 2014 , Las Vegas, Nevada will become the world capital of 360° Panoramic and VR Photography and Video!

Las Vegas 2014 – Raising the Game is THE event of the Panoramic VR Community. You will experience and learn from the best of the best!

Our first talk is at 9 am on the 26th and the last one on Friday the 30th. On Saturday the 31st, we will take you on an excursion to some awesome locations around Las Vegas.

Experiments in 360° panoramic Stereoscopic 3D video

There has been an increased interest of using head mounted displays (HMD) like the Oculus Rift to immerse the user into virtual reality (VR). For the immersion into VR to be complete, 3D is needed. I will be discussing various aspects of 3D panoramic images and video, the hardware setup I am using, the process I am using to get  my final result, various methods of viewing 3D, the difference between what I have achieved and the ideal result. I will also present some possibilities to those who are looking for funding like 45 minute payday loans online.

Show & Tell – present a small project or an unknown editing “trick”

We know of several attendees that will have some great work in their backpack but will not be able to give us a full length presentation. As it would be a pity to miss on these works IVRPA has decided to give more opportunities for quick presentations. Also we know that there are some interesting and helpful software tricks that not everyone is aware of, and this will be a forum to share ones wisdom or learn from the others.

photo: © Jook Leung

Fine Art Panoramic Photography

Denis Gadbois‘ Presentation on Fine art photography will cover photography created in accordance with the vision of the artist as photographer.  Focusing on artistic production that use panoramic photography, this presentation will cover a wide range of art photography that use panorama production techniques.  I intend to create a correlation between art and 360 photography.  Moreover, I will introduce notions of “interpreting experience” which should allow the photographer, through its content, to offer interpretations of the meaning surrounding him/her with a particular vision belonging either to an art practice or a design approach. This artistic expression can take the form of little planets but also can include virtual or real planted materials, subject matter.  We also look at the photo essay as a technique to generate content for panorama.

Customizing the Google Maps API

With the introduction of Street View in 2007, and later Business View and Views – Google Maps has provided us with a wealth of panoramic content at our fingertips to use in applications or as platforms for our products. Travel, tourism, hospitality or municipality websites could potentially access and display thousands of immersive images directly related to their cities and local businesses. Web developers can create unique and immersive content for clients.

In this IVRPA conference workshop Matt Rowell will take a comprehensive look at exactly how much control we have over panorama content within the Google Maps API.

2D and 3D 360 Video Work Flow Manager from Concept, Onsite Production to Client presentations

Michael Kintner, CEO/Inventor at 360Heros Inc. will present 360CamMan™ 360 video file management software – the missing link in 360 video workflow.  360Heros manufactures and sells multiple 360 video 360 plug-n-play holders holding from 6 to 14 cameras and as you can imagine file and data management with 14 cameras is even more of a challenge.  Especially when it comes to 3D 360 video content.   On the IVRPA conference Michael will present the different holders for standard 360 video and also the new patent pending holders for 3D 360 video content.
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Discover new VideoStitch products

Last year, VideoStitch was pleased to demonstrate the first, real-time preview, GPU accelerated video stitching engine at the IVRPA  Iceland 2013 conference .

We are very happy to announce for the Las Vegas 2014 IVRPA conference 3 new products from VideoStitch which will push 360 video forward.

Creating aerial time-lapse videos and panoramas

As the technology of panoramic equipment develops, photographers are constantly trying to extend the borders and limitations.
Nick Ivanov will talk to us about a real challenge and how he is trying to master it.

Time-lapse videos have been around for years, but capturing them from an aerial platform, and embedding them into 360° panoramas is something new. Nick will talk about coming up with the idea, and the process of creating this new media.

The small, but powerful niche of 360° content

Important note:
Due to a family affair Matthias Taugwalder will not be able to join us at the conference.
Currently we are trying to find a suitable replacement for his talk, please check back later for an update.
360 degree content has a huge potential and an advantage over other story-telling formats to capture a specific location or experience.
Interactive 360° content can play its strengths best when used
  • to be in the middle of the experience,
  • to show multiple spots within a short time,
  • or to make remote locations accessible.
In addition to the ordinary presentation on websites, the impact of 360° content can be boosted through support over traditional media channels; augmented reality integration in print and point of sale campaigns; or even dedicated 360° projects for a brand.
Matthias Taugwalder will show such applications based on recent customer projects, he produced for the Swiss Radio and Television SRF and Swiss Tourism. He will also present a world-exclusive advance showing of his latest exciting project for outdoor manufacturer MAMMUT Sports Group, including spectacular behind the scenes footage.

VR Panoramic Photography Conference