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Show & Tell – present a small project or an unknown editing “trick”

We know of several attendees that will have some great work in their backpack but will not be able to give us a full length presentation. As it would be a pity to miss on these works IVRPA has decided to give more opportunities for quick presentations. Also we know that there are some interesting and helpful software tricks that not everyone is aware of, and this will be a forum to share ones wisdom or learn from the others.

photo: © Jook Leung

Customizing the Google Maps API

With the introduction of Street View in 2007, and later Business View and Views – Google Maps has provided us with a wealth of panoramic content at our fingertips to use in applications or as platforms for our products. Travel, tourism, hospitality or municipality websites could potentially access and display thousands of immersive images directly related to their cities and local businesses. Web developers can create unique and immersive content for clients.

In this IVRPA conference workshop Matt Rowell will take a comprehensive look at exactly how much control we have over panorama content within the Google Maps API.

Advanced Image Editing for Panoramic Photography

Aleksandr Reznik is a long time member of the 360° VR panoramic photography community, and recently he has became known to a larger group of people with his great patience and skills as he assisted to finish some work of our Facebook-friends with great results.

In this workshop Aleksandr  will show several  techniques he uses for his work at This includes:
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The User Experience: Website Optimization

Workshop by Kirk Membry:

What’s the point of sharing a great panoramic online if it takes too long to load? Your visitors are impatient and studies show that even a few milliseconds of delay can be detrimental to online sales and customer retention.

Kirk will explain how to improve website speed through file and asset optimization as well as utilizing content delivery networks to improve page speeds on a global level.
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What’s Your Backup Strategy?

A workshop by Kirk Membry.

Saving terabytes of photos and video to your hard drive is not a backup solution. Redundancy is important, and
triple redundancy is even better, but don’t get buried in “busy work” trying to manage your archives. I’ll explain
various backup solutions both local and offsite, and the time involved for each. I’ll also explain the backup
strategy that best fits my business workflow.
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Best Practices for Beginning Panoramic Photography

A workshop by Kirk Membry.

We were all beginners at one time and made many mistakes. I would like to decrease the learning curve by sharing my experiences both good and bad, and how I overcame beginner mistakes and improved the quality of my panoramics.

Kirk will show a series of good/bad panoramic images and explain what techniques he did right/wrong in each example.

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