Tom Mills

Tom Mills is 37 years old and Photography has played a substantial part of his life. Computer skills generated along side it allowed him to develop an expertise in the emerging field of 360 degree panoramic photography and virtual tour programming.

He is an international panoramic photography award winner, and has been exhibited in England, USA, Germany and France. His photographs have been selected for exhibition in London by the Association of Photographers. Tom Mills over the years has garnered a host of prestigious clients from famous fashion brands to world renowned art galleries.

Commissions include the Royal Wedding, Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Royal Wedding, the Champions League and FA Cup Finals, Wimbledon, Range Rover, Jaguar, Burberry, Top shop, Jimmy Choo, BBC, Daily Mail, Guardian, Sunday Times, Hello Magazine, The Red Cross, BT, EE, Kings of Leon, the FA, Juventus FC, Arsenal FC and Red Bull. He has created virtual tours of the interior of Prince William’s helicopter and a groundbreaking virtual tour for the National Gallery.