PanoPlaza: Panoramas for Shops, Facilities, & Mountains

Kazutaka Uchida, CTO of Kadinche, Japan, will explain the PanoPlaza platform and how it is used in different key applications.

Kadinche is operating a cloud based panorama virtual shop hosting and authoring tool called PanoPlaza. PanoPlaza is mainly used by shops, retails, and car dealers in Japan & USA. We would like to share how the latest panorama virtual shops look like with features such as design template, keyword search, and news ticker.

We are also developing a new camera system using Gigapan and Ricoh Theta. One of our system is planned to be installed in the mountain lodge to monitor mountains. These cameras are connected to computers and controled remotely and automatically. we would like to share the design and implementation of remote panorama system using these off-the-shelf camera and panorama head.

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