Advanced Image Editing for Panoramic Photography

Aleksandr Reznik is a long time member of the 360° VR panoramic photography community, and recently he has became known to a larger group of people with his great patience and skills as he assisted to finish some work of our Facebook-friends with great results.

In this workshop Aleksandr  will show several  techniques he uses for his work at This includes:

  • Enhancing panorama with adjustment layers-  using selective adjustment for different part of panorama.
  • Working with layer masks (refining masks, mutually exclusive masks, masks for equirectangular projection etc.)
  • Using adjustment layers to fix differences in brightness/color balance (f.ex. when it was sunny/cloudy and as a result panorama was shoot in changing light)
  • Improvements to panoramic workflow to make panorama which later can benefit most from using adjustment layers on it (Exposure compensation, selective RAW development etc..)
  • Using layered stitching software output to deal with moving objects
  • Using panoramic technology to make a group portrait  – how to get a photo where all participants smile and look at your camera