2D and 3D 360 Video Work Flow Manager from Concept, Onsite Production to Client presentations

Michael Kintner, CEO/Inventor at 360Heros Inc. will present 360CamMan™ 360 video file management software – the missing link in 360 video workflow.  360Heros manufactures and sells multiple 360 video 360 plug-n-play holders holding from 6 to 14 cameras and as you can imagine file and data management with 14 cameras is even more of a challenge.  Especially when it comes to 3D 360 video content.   On the IVRPA conference Michael will present the different holders for standard 360 video and also the new patent pending holders for 3D 360 video content.

The software automates SD card formatting, offload, organization and analysis of camera files, removing the hassle from workflow and allowing you to spend more time creating. Michael will do a walkthrough of SD card and software prep, and demonstrate how the program then identifies the camera holder/number of cameras and automatically sorts into folders by take, and performs composite shot analysis by providing a interactive grid that identifies any extra, missing or mismatched files.

Once the content is managed and created he will then present different methods to present the content.  Utilizing the free 360Heros 360 video hosting center with GPS geo tagging, YouTube like iframing your content into your own website, logo branding and automatic mobile device sharing for the IOS Apple Devices and Android devices.  This soon to be integral component of 360 video production workflow is a game changer!

And finally announcing multiple new 360Heros new partners and mergers in content creators, presenters and workflow, introducing Aerial Technology International, Drone Aerial Flight specialists and Elumenti’s portable dome solutions and Vision III: Stereoscopic 3D | Depth Enhanced 2D.