What’s Your Backup Strategy?

A workshop by Kirk Membry.

Saving terabytes of photos and video to your hard drive is not a backup solution. Redundancy is important, and
triple redundancy is even better, but don’t get buried in “busy work” trying to manage your archives. I’ll explain
various backup solutions both local and offsite, and the time involved for each. I’ll also explain the backup
strategy that best fits my business workflow.

What is a Backup?
o Automated Software
o Manual Backups
o Do you need that?
o Filter your images now, not later
o Cataloging images
– Location and the benefits and disadvantages of each
o Local Storage
– USB, Firewire, eSata
– Network attached storage
o Offsite Storage
– Online
– “Mini” cloud
– Offline
– Cold drives
– Tape backups aren’t dead
o Cloud Storage
– Always available
– Long term storage (Amazon Glacier)
– How Saving Money can be More Expensive in the Long Run
o Hardware Cost
o Hidden Fees
o Lost Time and Productivity
– Q&A session