The small, but powerful niche of 360° content

Important note:
Due to a family affair Matthias Taugwalder will not be able to join us at the conference.
Currently we are trying to find a suitable replacement for his talk, please check back later for an update.
360 degree content has a huge potential and an advantage over other story-telling formats to capture a specific location or experience.
Interactive 360° content can play its strengths best when used
  • to be in the middle of the experience,
  • to show multiple spots within a short time,
  • or to make remote locations accessible.
In addition to the ordinary presentation on websites, the impact of 360° content can be boosted through support over traditional media channels; augmented reality integration in print and point of sale campaigns; or even dedicated 360° projects for a brand.
Matthias Taugwalder will show such applications based on recent customer projects, he produced for the Swiss Radio and Television SRF and Swiss Tourism. He will also present a world-exclusive advance showing of his latest exciting project for outdoor manufacturer MAMMUT Sports Group, including spectacular behind the scenes footage.