Kirk Membry

Kirk was inspired to become a photographer because of his interest in the intersection of technology and art. He holds a BA in Graphic Design from Rutgers University and has over 20 years of IT and web design experience including Fortune 500’s such as Dell, IBM, Viacom and Panasonic. Combining his web design skills with his photography expertise, he created Moss Creek Media ( in 2009, a photography company that specializes in 360 degree panoramics and virtual tours for the hospitality and tourism industry.

He works fulltime at MadPow ( as a Senior Experience Designer, where he focuses on the user experience.  Kirk is a champion for the user, bridging the gap between design and development for  websites and applications (web, mobile and stand alone), always with the user’s best interests in mind.

A self proclaimed “gadget geek”, Kirk is always checking out the latest technologies and when he’s not buried behind a wall of monitors, he’ll be out on the trails hiking and snowboarding or out on the water sea kayaking, always with a camera in hand.