Jim Watters

I am a photographer, software developer, image manipulator, photo creator, and panorama guru.

My decades of computer experience started with purchasing a C64.

With no knowledge at the time of how to combine my two passions of photography & computers, I abandoned computers, and began a career in photography. I studied 3 years and received a Diploma of Fine Craft in Photography. I did not leave computers behind, I was still using computers for desktop publishing to complete graphic assignments.

In the years to follow I was using computers more and more to manipulate photographs. My passion for computers increased. With the goal of combining photography manipulation and computers, I added a Bachelor’s degree in computers to my list of completed education.

Now I am an Imaging Software Engineer specializing in panoramic photography. I have contributed to Panotools and was involved in getting it on to SourceForge. Along the way I have learned many aspects of computers and am armed with copious knowledge of graphic software. I am currently works for Garden Gnome Software.

I first rotated my camera around the NPP using a homemade wooden mount, snapping a panorama in 1992.

I shot my first 360° panoramic video in 2006.

I have been involved with Sphericam panoramic video camera.

I purchased 8 inexpensive Mobious action cameras to create a spherical multicamera panoramic video rig. Before I placed the cameras into that rig I did some experimenting . I wanted to know  what was possible with many little cameras. I have been creating variations of a stereoscopic 3D panoramic rig ever since.