Best Practices for Beginning Panoramic Photography

A workshop by Kirk Membry.

We were all beginners at one time and made many mistakes. I would like to decrease the learning curve by sharing my experiences both good and bad, and how I overcame beginner mistakes and improved the quality of my panoramics.

Kirk will show a series of good/bad panoramic images and explain what techniques he did right/wrong in each example.

  • Agenda:
  • “Content is King”
  • Don’t shoot boring subject matter
  • Are you standing in the best spot?
  • Think of the viewer, will they like this?
  • “Fix it in Camera”
  • Spend less time in post production
  • “Study Your Environment”
  • Lens flare, shadows, reflections
  • Levelling your image
  • moving objects/people in scenes
  • Q&A session