Customizing Krpano

In this talk Manuel Cabral will show us what’s possible when a software expert get’s his hands on Krpano. You will learn about new ways to match your customers needs and even may get inspired to create  completely new products around your spherical images.

Krpano is a panorama viewer which allows a lot of customization. This has made it one of the most widely used tools to display 360º content. Is is used on many panoramic photography projects, websites and software, such as PanoTour, 360Cities and PanoTag.

Krpano applications can be created in several ways: using the krpano tools, using an external software such as PanoTour or through coding. This presentation will focus on the latter. You will learn how krpano’s XML code works and the customization that it allows. Then you will also learn how, using krpano’s API, that XML code can be replaced by standard Javascript, HTML and CSS.

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