The Oculus Rift and 360 Video – Challenges, possibilities, and the next great leap in storytelling

Oculus Rift’s acquisition by Facebook is big news for the VR community, and if you haven’t yet experienced the view of a 360° video on an Oculus Rift you hardly might understand what that fuss is all about. We offer you the opportunity to try the Oculus Rift yourself and find out why others got hooked.

The Oculus Rift is about to usher in the age of Virtual Reality, and 360 video is going to be one of the first big applications. In his talk William Douglas McMaster will examine the challenges of rethinking 360 video for VR, discuss techniques and best practices for shooting, and outline some exciting new ideas on how to tell a story in 360.

Topics will include:
Shooting – Ideas for a new cinematic language.
Mounting – Body mounts, helmet mounts, monopod mounts.
Immersion – Creating a powerful experience of presence using sound and video. Story Perspective – 1st or 3rd person?
Oculus Rift in 2020 – What technologies to expect.