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Show & Tell – present a small project or an unknown editing “trick”

We know of several attendees that will have some great work in their backpack but will not be able to give us a full length presentation. As it would be a pity to miss on these works IVRPA has decided to give more opportunities for quick presentations. Also we know that there are some interesting and helpful software tricks that not everyone is aware of, and this will be a forum to share ones wisdom or learn from the others.

photo: © Jook Leung

Fine Art Panoramic Photography

Denis Gadbois‘ Presentation on Fine art photography will cover photography created in accordance with the vision of the artist as photographer.  Focusing on artistic production that use panoramic photography, this presentation will cover a wide range of art photography that use panorama production techniques.  I intend to create a correlation between art and 360 photography.  Moreover, I will introduce notions of “interpreting experience” which should allow the photographer, through its content, to offer interpretations of the meaning surrounding him/her with a particular vision belonging either to an art practice or a design approach. This artistic expression can take the form of little planets but also can include virtual or real planted materials, subject matter.  We also look at the photo essay as a technique to generate content for panorama.

PanoPlaza: Panoramas for Shops, Facilities, & Mountains

Kazutaka Uchida, CTO of Kadinche, Japan, will explain the PanoPlaza platform and how it is used in different key applications.

Kadinche is operating a cloud based panorama virtual shop hosting and authoring tool called PanoPlaza. PanoPlaza is mainly used by shops, retails, and car dealers in Japan & USA. We would like to share how the latest panorama virtual shops look like with features such as design template, keyword search, and news ticker.
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Kazutaka Uchida

Kazutaka Uchida is the Chief Technology Officer of Kadinche, Tokyo, Japan. He designed and implemented the cloud based panorama virtual shop hosting and authoring tool called PanoPlaza jointly with his team members. He is specialized in both software development and hardware hacking.

Before joining Kadinche, he was a research scientist in Sony corporation doing research on next generation audio visual application. He earned his master’s in engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Torsten Hemke: 360° on the Red Carpet

Preparation is key to shoot situations where you only have one try. Especially taking panoramic images and video of celebrities or during red carpet events adds enough to blood pressure that one definitely wouldn’t want to worry about equipment. Learn from Torsten Hemke, who has mastered situations like these for many years, learn how he prepares for and shoots 360° panoramas at these special events.

The talk will feature topics including:

  • 360° Hollywood, close to the stars
  • Configuration of the Freedom360 for closeup missions between the celebrities and the fans
  • A complex tour with moving hotspots high above LA
  • -360° making of-video from Golden Camera event with Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey
  • Shooting 360° video on the red carpet

Virtual Reality Photography of an Archaeological Excavation in Israel

360° panoramic images are a perfect tool document and present archaeological sites. In this talk Dr. Paul Cheney from Utah Valley University will talk about how they mastered the challenges they faced when documenting an archeological excavation in Israel.
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Pano2VR – Latest Developments in 360° Virtual Tour Authoring

Their tools are anything but small, and so IVRPA is very proud that Thomas Rauscher and his great team from Garden Gnome Software will again be with us at the conference. In the vendors space they will be presenting and explaining all the details of their different tools, and on stage Thomas will show us a lot of new achievements and will give us a sneak peak of the next version of Pano2VR.