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Roundshot VR Drive – opening new horizons

IVRPA is happy to announce that Urs Krebs from Seitz, manufacturer of the famous Roundshot VR Drive, will be at our Las Vegas 2014 360° VR Photography conference. Not only to let you evaluate their products but also to give us a presentation of their latest development, the linear rail and dolly system.

He will be accompanied by Dominik Baumann, producer at Ringier/Blick in Switzerland, who will present his recent spherical VR projects with the Swiss Air Force that he created with the VR Drive.


The Google Maps Moonshot: Creating a Digital Mirror of the World

For sheer scale, Google’s involvement in panoramic imaging is unrivaled. At the IVRPA Las Vegas 2014 conference they will be reaching out to get in direct touch with a broader audience of established panoramic photographers to present their goals for the future and to discuss how the passion and commitment we share for the same subject can be used to generate a greater benefit for everyone. One part will be the talk of Evan Rapoport, Product Manager on Google Maps for Photo Sphere, Business Views, & Google Street View.

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Torsten Hemke

Torsten Hemke was born in Weimar, Germany.

He has been creating 3D panoramas since 1995, starting with photo paper in those days. His first digital pano cam has been Nikon coolpix 950.

Now he uses the latest Canon cameras.

In 2006 he already experimented with the 360º Video using two Sanyo camcorders with two fisheye adapters. Back then, Thomas Rauscher had developed specially for him a cylindric 360 video player for the use on the Internet. Have a look!

Bigger 360º projects by Torsten Hemke are 3D Tour by the German Federal President, the European Parliament, the Dresden Frauenkirche and German Castle Neuschwanstein.

Since 2004, Torsten Hemke is taking panoramas of stars onstage and in TV studios during numerous TV shows and concerts.

Since 2006, he is taking special panoramas of award winners of the Golden Camera (German Oscar’s). The organizer of the Award publishes the panoramas on the Internet and in printed media as a spread in one of the news magazine of Media Group Axel Springer.

Check 3D-TOP-Event.INFO for more info about his work.

Urs Krebs

Urs Krebs is a partner at Seitz Phototechnik AG in Switzerland (roundshot), where he is responsible for Marketing, Business Development and Finance.

“Economist by trade and photographer at heart, I took a sabbatical leave to have fun with my Roundshot 28-220 (film!) in Sydney Australia in 2002.

360° photography opened my eyes to a whole new world! This put an early end to my career as a consultant, but opened the door to an exciting new venture at roundshot.”

The Oculus Rift and 360 Video – Challenges, possibilities, and the next great leap in storytelling

Oculus Rift’s acquisition by Facebook is big news for the VR community, and if you haven’t yet experienced the view of a 360° video on an Oculus Rift you hardly might understand what that fuss is all about. We offer you the opportunity to try the Oculus Rift yourself and find out why others got hooked.

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Anne Archambault

Anne Archambault is a senior UX program manager on the Microsoft Photosynth team.  She has worked at Microsoft for the past thirteen years where she designs user experiences for software projects with a focus on social computing and photography.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Anne worked for the Technical University of British Columbia (now Simon Fraser University), the Banff Centre for the Arts and Banff National Park.  She has a B.Sc. in Microbiology from McGill Universitry and a Master of Environment Studies from York University.  Her publications range from academic papers at the Computer Human Interaction Conference to coverage of her photography on Popular Photography. Anne has seven pending and granted technology patents.

Anne is a native French speaker from Montréal, Canada.  She currently resides in Seattle, WA.  Outside of work she enjoys photography, travelling, mountaineering and has a deep love of French macarons.