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Las Vegas 2014 – The International 360° VR Panoramic Photography Conference will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, May 25-31 2014

The program will include 6 days of incredible VR Photography and Video Talks, Workshops and Excursions surrounded by the most talented members of our community.

Las Vegas Talks will cover a wide range of subjects from 360º panoramas to 360º Video, from hardware to software, from commercial to artistic uses of 360º panorama imaging.

Las Vegas Workshops will include hands on tutorials from the masterminds of our industry.

Las Vegas Excursion will allow for a group visit to the most scenic places in Nevada while group members discuss and learn from each other how to shoot panoramas in different situations.


Before you make your reservation, buy tickets, or move your fingers on your keyboard, keep these details in mind.

Sunday, 25th May
Registration and the first activity which will happened after Dinner. Arrive in Vegas whenever you want, enjoy the pool (forecast is around 38°C/100°F) have a dinner and go out for our first activity with other attendees, A night in Sin City.

Monday 26th to Friday 30th, from 9am to 5pm
Regular schedule at the Tropicana.

Saturday, 31st May
Our Annual Tour.

Do you plan additional vacation in the area? Are your flights early in the morning or late at night? Please make your reservations and planing accordingly.

Join us for panoramic photography fun in Las Vegas!

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