Aleksandr Reznik

Born in Vilnius, USSR (now Lithuania)

I have been calling myself a photographer since 1990. By education I am an IT specialist. Currently I am working in my own company as an IT consultant. Since 2002 I provide IT trainings, so opening photo school was a natural decision. The school is running since 2010.

I became interested in panoramic photography in 2009.  Main areas of interest:

  • Gigapixel panoramas
  • Spherical gigapixel
  • Handheld panoramas
  • Spherical group photo

In Iceland 2013 at conference I spoke about “Smart gigapixel” technology – combining different techniques to improve gigapixel quality.

As I started making panoramic photography without any panoramic equipment I had to deal with lot of parallax errors and as a result use a lot of retouching.

In 2013 I have founded site which offer panorama stitching services – Our main area of expertise is stitching of panoramas with parallax errors. This usually includes panoramas from helicopters, handheld panoramas, or panoramas’ shoots at difficult conditions. We also offer gigapixel, HDR, and 360 video processing services.