Extending Your View – Leaving the Traditional Paths of Panoramas

We’ve already learned about his great and ambitious panoramic projects with aerial panoramas for city development during the Iceland conference last year. Now Roelof introduces a completely new approach.

During the past two years Roelof de Vries has been developing the visual component of various wildlife conservation projects. Through panoramic and aerial photography he has been able to visualize conservation work in a more contemporary manner.

For Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand he created an all-inclusive tour above and through Thailand’s largest wildlife rescue center and he deployed his UAV over the compound of a major illegal wildlife trafficker in order to obtain evidence of criminal activities.

In South Africa he shot 360˚ film footage during an anti poaching campaign with Shadowview Foundation, which will be used for promotional and fundraising purposes.

In his talk you will learn about his fascination and enthusiasm in educating people through visual story telling, while contextualizing his story by using 360˚ photography.