Matthew Mascheri

Matthew Mascheri President, Dome3D LLC – Matthew is the President of Dome3D LLC, an award winning immersive media company, that works in a variety mediums ranging from fulldome theaters to head mounted displays.  He and his team create immersive content, design custom hardware solutions and provide production training and support.

For over fifteen years Matthew has created immersive content, beginning his career at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago.  In 2007 he founded Dome3D, and has worked on a wide variety of projects around the globe.  His clients include museums, planetariums, bio-tech firms, professional sports teams and sky diving facilities.

Matthew is involved with IMERSA, DUG, IPS, IVRPA, IAAPA and other trade groups to explore how immersive technologies can be applied in a variety of markets.