The User Experience: Website Optimization

Workshop by Kirk Membry:

What’s the point of sharing a great panoramic online if it takes too long to load? Your visitors are impatient and studies show that even a few milliseconds of delay can be detrimental to online sales and customer retention.

Kirk will explain how to improve website speed through file and asset optimization as well as utilizing content delivery networks to improve page speeds on a global level.


  • Poor Load Times means Less Visitors
  • Page speed affects page rank in search engines
  • Analyze your existing site and formulate a plan
  • Calculate your costs
  • Free vs Paid
  • Website Optimization
  • Image Size (compression)
  • List of tools
  • “How to” walkthrough of image compression
  • Examples focused on WordPress
  • Minification of CSS and JS
  • List of tools
  • “How to” walkthrough of minifying content
  • Examples focused on WordPress
  • CDN (Content Delivery Networks)
  • Where is your audience?
  • List of CDN’s (free and paid)
  • “How to” walkthrough of setting up a CDN
  • Examples focused on WordPress
  • Q&A session