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Dominik Baumann

Dominik Baumann works as a staff producer of multimedia content and photography for Switzerland’s largest daily Blick in Zurich.

Before this he freelanced and later worked as staff photographer for various newspapers in Lucerne and Zurich, Switzerland, covering national and international news.

The multimedia elements he is producing for Blick include audio slide-shows, 360°-panorama-photography, interactive-animation and video contents for web and mobile devices.

Matthias Taugwalder


  • Born 1981, grown up in Zermatt/Switzerland in the heart of the Swiss Alps.
  • Started shooting panoramas in 1999.
  • Master Studies in Business Informatics at the University of Zurich/Switzerland.
  • Matthias Taugwalder lives in Zurich/Switzerland.
  • Realized several exhibition projects in the past years about Alpine Panoramic Photography for museums in Switzerland.
  • Has been working since 2010 in the field of using 360 degree content in corporate apps and news media.
  • His company CONCEPT360 GmbH is an international image agency specialized on interactive content and the usage of panoramas for media companies, museums and advertising agencies.
  • His clients are for example media companies as Ringier, Gruner+Jahr or the Swiss Radio and Television SRF; or companies such as Swiss Tourism or MAMMUT Sports Group.


The small, but powerful niche of 360° content

Important note:
Due to a family affair Matthias Taugwalder will not be able to join us at the conference.
Currently we are trying to find a suitable replacement for his talk, please check back later for an update.
360 degree content has a huge potential and an advantage over other story-telling formats to capture a specific location or experience.
Interactive 360° content can play its strengths best when used
  • to be in the middle of the experience,
  • to show multiple spots within a short time,
  • or to make remote locations accessible.
In addition to the ordinary presentation on websites, the impact of 360° content can be boosted through support over traditional media channels; augmented reality integration in print and point of sale campaigns; or even dedicated 360° projects for a brand.
Matthias Taugwalder will show such applications based on recent customer projects, he produced for the Swiss Radio and Television SRF and Swiss Tourism. He will also present a world-exclusive advance showing of his latest exciting project for outdoor manufacturer MAMMUT Sports Group, including spectacular behind the scenes footage.

Google Welcome Party – IVRPA Las Vegas 2014 Conference

IVRPA is delighted to announce that our partner Google is sponsoring a BIG welcome reception  on the evening of Monday 26th with free food and drinks from 8 pm at the Tropicana pool area.

The event will be accompanied by an exhibition of the attendees work on several large HD screens and in print.
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How to expand your business through Google Maps Business View

Panoramic imagery will soon become the norm of how businesses present themselves to potential and existing customers. With this in mind, Google wants to help all small, medium size and large business get their business online with 360 degree virtual tours.

Google Maps Business View allows businesses to enhance their presence across Google with a premium quality, 360 degree virtual tour powered by Street View technology.

In this talk, Soufi Esmaeilzadeh will describe the program, explain how panoramic photographers can become certified Google partners authorized to sell Business View to local businesses in their area, and share case studies of how existing photographers in the program have built successful businesses using the platform.

Soufi Esmaeilzadeh

Soufi Esmaeilzadeh is a Product Manager for Google Maps Street View. Her primary focus is Business View, a product that helps businesses showcase their presence online through panoramic photography.

Soufi joined Google in 2011, expanding the company’s partnerships in the Geo Imagery space. Prior to Google, she ran her own business in the tech space focused on SMBs and also advised fortune 500 companies as a management consultant.

She has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BSc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Brown University where she conducted research and co-authored papers on conformable displays.

Soufi is an avid traveler and skier!

She lives in Palo Alto, California.

Tom Mills

Tom Mills is 37 years old and Photography has played a substantial part of his life. Computer skills generated along side it allowed him to develop an expertise in the emerging field of 360 degree panoramic photography and virtual tour programming.

He is an international panoramic photography award winner, and has been exhibited in England, USA, Germany and France. His photographs have been selected for exhibition in London by the Association of Photographers. Tom Mills over the years has garnered a host of prestigious clients from famous fashion brands to world renowned art galleries.

Commissions include the Royal Wedding, Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Royal Wedding, the Champions League and FA Cup Finals, Wimbledon, Range Rover, Jaguar, Burberry, Top shop, Jimmy Choo, BBC, Daily Mail, Guardian, Sunday Times, Hello Magazine, The Red Cross, BT, EE, Kings of Leon, the FA, Juventus FC, Arsenal FC and Red Bull. He has created virtual tours of the interior of Prince William’s helicopter and a groundbreaking virtual tour for the National Gallery.


360 Degree Video, a Whole New Market is Born

Let’s face it, 360 degree video is not just a toy or a cool trend, but a real new emerging market.

The Oculus Rift buyout by Facebook is not something that happens by mistake, it happens because a huge new market is up ahead.

In this talk Alexandre Jenny will share his insight about this new market. He will also give details about all the tools that are being produced at Kolor to be able to get to a mature workflow, from hardware to recording up to the final service of publishing and hosting these immersive videos.

Kolor Eyes 360° video on Android:

Kolor 360° video on Oculus Rift:

Be prepared for the very best.