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Virtual Reality Photography of an Archaeological Excavation in Israel

360° panoramic images are a perfect tool document and present archaeological sites. In this talk Dr. Paul Cheney from Utah Valley University will talk about how they mastered the challenges they faced when documenting an archeological excavation in Israel.
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Pano2VR – Latest Developments in 360° Virtual Tour Authoring

Their tools are anything but small, and so IVRPA is very proud that Thomas Rauscher and his great team from Garden Gnome Software will again be with us at the conference. In the vendors space they will be presenting and explaining all the details of their different tools, and on stage Thomas will show us a lot of new achievements and will give us a sneak peak of the next version of Pano2VR.

Roundshot VR Drive – opening new horizons

IVRPA is happy to announce that Urs Krebs from Seitz, manufacturer of the famous Roundshot VR Drive, will be at our Las Vegas 2014 360° VR Photography conference. Not only to let you evaluate their products but also to give us a presentation of their latest development, the linear rail and dolly system.

He will be accompanied by Dominik Baumann, producer at Ringier/Blick in Switzerland, who will present his recent spherical VR projects with the Swiss Air Force that he created with the VR Drive.


The Google Maps Moonshot: Creating a Digital Mirror of the World

For sheer scale, Google’s involvement in panoramic imaging is unrivaled. At the IVRPA Las Vegas 2014 conference they will be reaching out to get in direct touch with a broader audience of established panoramic photographers to present their goals for the future and to discuss how the passion and commitment we share for the same subject can be used to generate a greater benefit for everyone. One part will be the talk of Evan Rapoport, Product Manager on Google Maps for Photo Sphere, Business Views, & Google Street View.

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From the Spire — Creating the 1WTC Time Magazine Gigapixel Panorama

The news and especially the images recently spread all over the web. At our Las Vegas 2014 conference we will bring you  a first hand talk from the guys who actually managed to get that terrific image from the top of One World Trade Center. Learn how they closed the deal, managed the many challenges and which hardware tweaks they used.

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