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Extending Your View – Leaving the Traditional Paths of Panoramas

We’ve already learned about his great and ambitious panoramic projects with aerial panoramas for city development during the Iceland conference last year. Now Roelof introduces a completely new approach.

During the past two years Roelof de Vries has been developing the visual component of various wildlife conservation projects. Through panoramic and aerial photography he has been able to visualize conservation work in a more contemporary manner.
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What’s Your Backup Strategy?

A workshop by Kirk Membry.

Saving terabytes of photos and video to your hard drive is not a backup solution. Redundancy is important, and
triple redundancy is even better, but don’t get buried in “busy work” trying to manage your archives. I’ll explain
various backup solutions both local and offsite, and the time involved for each. I’ll also explain the backup
strategy that best fits my business workflow.
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Best Practices for Beginning Panoramic Photography

A workshop by Kirk Membry.

We were all beginners at one time and made many mistakes. I would like to decrease the learning curve by sharing my experiences both good and bad, and how I overcame beginner mistakes and improved the quality of my panoramics.

Kirk will show a series of good/bad panoramic images and explain what techniques he did right/wrong in each example.

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The Polar Sea – A 360° Documentary Shot in the Arctic

At our conferences we always strive to  present you outstanding projects and to foster the exchange of ideas and inspiration with the people working at the leading edge of 360° imaging and filming.

Today it is IVRPA’s great pleasure to announce that award winning filmmaker and multimedia producer Thomas Wallner will be with us in Las Vegas and give us a talk about his latest project and his views on the future of 360° video.
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Emerging Innovation in Virtual Reality Capture

IVRPA is delighted to announce that Eric Hanson and Greg Downing from xRez Studio were able to adjust their schedule to meet with us in Las Vegas. It’s hard to find words to introduce their extraordinary work, so you may just have a look at their website or lean back and enjoy the recent showreels.
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Torsten Hemke: 360° on the Red Carpet

Preparation is key to shoot situations where you only have one try. Especially taking panoramic images and video of celebrities or during red carpet events adds enough to blood pressure that one definitely wouldn’t want to worry about equipment. Learn from Torsten Hemke, who has mastered situations like these for many years, learn how he prepares for and shoots 360° panoramas at these special events.

The talk will feature topics including:

  • 360° Hollywood, close to the stars
  • Configuration of the Freedom360 for closeup missions between the celebrities and the fans
  • A complex tour with moving hotspots high above LA
  • -360° making of-video from Golden Camera event with Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey
  • Shooting 360° video on the red carpet