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Kolor Virtual Tour Solutions: 2014 Diary – Present & Future

2014 saw a big step forward in the world of virtual tour creation with the release of Panotour Pro 2.0 from Kolor. HTML5 has become a standard feature, with virtual tours compatible with any modern device (smartphones, tablets, computers).

The goal of this new version is to offer more features, more customization while keeping the application easy to use, without the need of programming.

The Livepano plugin offers a new experience within the virtual tours, by displaying video zones above the 360° photographic content.
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Fulldome Immersion – Capturing and Creating Content for the Dome

Matthew Mascheri, President of Dome3D, will present an introduction to the immersive world of fulldome content creation.  Domes theaters present audiences with an unparalleled immersive screen, and while primarily used in an educational setting, domes (both portable and fixed) are beginning to be used as an artistic and commercial venue.
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The Full 360º Video Workflow

Post-processing starts with preproduction

To produce a professional 360º video piece follows similar steps as a traditional film production, and deviates from it in new and to be explored ways. Joergen Geerds from Freedom360 will outline the different steps in his presentation: from script writing to storyboarding, selecting the right equipment to shoot a scene and capture good sound, directing and pre-visualisation, stitching the raw material into a good source for editing in Adobe Premiere or AfterEffects to follow the story outline, as well as preparing the final edit for the various media or screens it will be deployed to.

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PanoPlaza: Panoramas for Shops, Facilities, & Mountains

Kazutaka Uchida, CTO of Kadinche, Japan, will explain the PanoPlaza platform and how it is used in different key applications.

Kadinche is operating a cloud based panorama virtual shop hosting and authoring tool called PanoPlaza. PanoPlaza is mainly used by shops, retails, and car dealers in Japan & USA. We would like to share how the latest panorama virtual shops look like with features such as design template, keyword search, and news ticker.
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Extending Your View – Leaving the Traditional Paths of Panoramas

We’ve already learned about his great and ambitious panoramic projects with aerial panoramas for city development during the Iceland conference last year. Now Roelof introduces a completely new approach.

During the past two years Roelof de Vries has been developing the visual component of various wildlife conservation projects. Through panoramic and aerial photography he has been able to visualize conservation work in a more contemporary manner.
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The Polar Sea – A 360° Documentary Shot in the Arctic

At our conferences we always strive to  present you outstanding projects and to foster the exchange of ideas and inspiration with the people working at the leading edge of 360° imaging and filming.

Today it is IVRPA’s great pleasure to announce that award winning filmmaker and multimedia producer Thomas Wallner will be with us in Las Vegas and give us a talk about his latest project and his views on the future of 360° video.
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